2001 Regular Bike Show winners and contestants

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Best Unrestored
Sandy Moody
1938 Schwinn Autocycle
Sponsored by Bikes-R-Us Thad Pinnix

Best Early Classic
Dennis Olson
1915 Iver Johnson
Sponsored by Custom Metal Finishing

Best 1930s Classic
Mike Spangler
1934 Elgin
Sponsored by Looking Back Bicycles - Bob Strucel

Best 1940s Classic
1941 Elgin
Sponsored by Vintage Bicycle Club of Texas

Best 1950s Classic
Roger Tate
1957 Schwinn Phantom
Sponsored by
Memory Lane Classics - Larry & Harv

Best 1960s Classic
Greg Sanchez
1968 Schwinn
Sponsored by The Krate Korral - John Cellini

Best 1970s Classic
Rod Griffis
1972 Pea Picker
Sponsored by Sting Ray/Alley - Greg Sanchez

Best Motorized Classic
Don Patzlek
1950 "Hoppy" Whizzer
Sponsored by The Whizzer Works - Mike Steiff

Best Special Classic
Don Rock
Custom Aerocycle
Sponsored by Speed-O-Byke - Jim Bradley

Best Ladies Classic
Pat Tate
1953 Schwinn
Sponsored by Ann Arbor Bicycle Show - Anne Kleppert

"People's Choice Award"
Harold Sloan Memorial Trophy

Don Patzlek
1950 "Hoppy" Whizzer

Grand Prize Raffle Winner of Dynocycle
Paul Riopelle

Winner of Schwinn "Li'l Tiger"
John Holloran

A N.O.S. Schwinn Orange Krate that has never been fully assembled

The original packing materials and box were displayed too.

Close up of Sandy Moody's Best Unrestored
1937 Schwinn Autocycle

Another close up of Sandy Moody's Best Unrestored
1937 Schwinn Autocycle

Best 1960s Classic
Greg Sanchez
1968 Schwinn Grape Krate
Schwinn Kustom Koal Krate
Check those purple line slicks!


What? You never saw a "real" Grape Krate?

An early 1980s Columbia 5-star reproduction

Schwinn Muscle bikes and others

20 inch Schwinn Fleet

A custom 16 x 12 Schwinn Cotton Picker

Schiwnn Phantom for sale

Another view of the Phantom

A 1948 24 inch Roadmaster in original condition

A pair of Schwinn Panthers for sale

Modern Schwinn cuiser and Emory made Western Flyer

Schwinn Lemon Peeler and Columbia middle weight

An original Schwinn Pea Picker

A custom built Schwinn Cherry Picker

Low Rider

A very clean Schwinn Fastback

Schiwnn Pea Picker

Seats galoure

Cheaper by the dozen

Sears Spaceliner

more muscle bike mania

restored 28 inch wheel bikes


Schwinn Heavy Duti


Schwinn Fair Lady

Schwinn Orange Krate

1968 Schwinn Orange Krate

Schwinn straight bar

Schwinn Grey Ghost, Custom Schwinn 16 x 12 "Blue Moon, Shelby Donald Duck bike

Schwinn Hornet, Schwinn Apple Krate, Shelby Donald Duck bike

1937 Colson Commander

Early 1950s Manton and Smith "Zepher"

CCM " Flyte"
Check out those curved forks!

Custom 20 inch Aerocycle

Early hard tire safety

Tall sissy bar

Close up of 20 inch Aerocycle

Inside the main building

Another shot inside the main building

Part of Richard Porath's collection

Headlights of Best Unrestored showing "Liberty" head badge

Taillight on Best Unrestored

Generator of Best Unrestored

Close up on "pogo seat" of Best Unrestored

Forebrake of Best Unrestored

Another shot of the 1934 Elgin

16 x 12 custom Schwinn "Blue Moon"

Shelby Donald Duck Bike

Close up of early 1950s Schwinn Hornet

Monark Silver King

Close up of red Schwinn Phantom

Another view of "Best Ladies Classic" 1953 Schwinn Hornet

Custom 20" Schwinn Phantom

20" Schwinn

More of the Porath collection of Wheelmen era bikes

Close up of 1951 Whizzer Amassador

1951 Whizzer Amassador

Schwinn Autocycle

Some of Memory Lane's "new" bikes

Schwinn custom "Flourecent" Phantom


Various models of Whizzers



An emaculate original MTD 20 x 16

Schwinn red Phantom

Modern Schwinn Cruiser Deluxe

Close up of Schwinn Grey Ghost

Schwinn Grey Ghost and Apple Krate

Another view of People's Choice Award

Schwinn Sting Ray lowrider "Spoiled Roten"

Lowrider "Smooth as Ice"

Lowrider "chopper god"

Lowrider parts for sale


Lowrider "Chrome Menace"

Lowrider trike

Detail of lowrider




Lowrider "Lethal Lowz"




Schwinn Sting Ray custom "Blues Picker"

Schwinn Sting Ray custom "Blues Picker"

Lowrider "Red dog"




Violet Schwinn Slick Chick

Early 1950s JC Higgins Color Flow

Custom 20 x 16

A pair of Schwinn Phantoms

Shelby Donald Duck bike

Schwinn Jaguar

Headlight from 1800s Safety

Murray made muscle bike

English delivery bike with Lipton sign

Whizzer based on Clevland Welding Co bike

Sky Blue Schwinn Sting Ray

A flock of 'Rays

Schwinn Exerciser

Schwinn Run A Bout

Schwinn Starlet

Cushman motorbike

Schwinn Corvette

Early dawn breaks on the vendors before the gates open

The vendors begin to roll in

Vendors prepare for the swap

Gentlemen, start your engines